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Jalynn Madison

storyteller // coffee junkie // jack of all trades

I read my first real novel in the fourth grade (The Baby-Sitters Club) and wrote my first short story (if you can call it that) a year after. During that time, I fell in love with the written word and I knew one day I wanted to be a bestselling author. Throughout middle and high school, I wanted to do be a journalist and decided to build up my writing and photography skills. It wasn’t until college that I fell in love with writing in a different way; writing for social media became my passion. I love the way social media connects people and encourages conversation; I realized that I wanted to create content that captured people’s attention and got them talking. Along the way, I picked up designing (InDesign is my program of choice), script writing for radio, a knack for creating content calendars, and an unhealthy obsession with my morning cup of coffee. If I had to describe my dream job, I’d tell you to think of the Wendy’s twitter account - I can only dream of being that savage.



Zoey Buck

Cat Mom // Color Connoisseur // Foliage Feind

I started off my college career as a science major at LSU with dreams of being a surgeon. I had my first Chemistry class and soon realized that I didn’t want to be a doctor, I just wanted to be on Grey’s Anatomy.  One day, my mom said, “You’re good at drawing mandalas, why don’t you go to school for graphic design instead?” So now here I am, majoring in Visual Communications at Ball State, and loving it (I guess mom always does know best). I enjoy creating motion graphics and my biggest inspiration is Mike Perry. My goal in life is to be happy so I consider myself very lucky to be working in a field that allows me to have fun and be creative. When I am not nose deep in an Adobe program, I enjoy longboarding, rock climbing, and binge watching the newest Netflix Originals.


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