Meet us




Melissa Jones

Grammar Nerd // Pizza Lover // Adrenaline Junkie

I am a big reader, I love to practice yoga, and I also enjoy thrift shopping. I am driven by excitement and also by the ability to have creative freedom in my profession, which are a few of the reasons I was attracted to Intersection. I was drawn to advertising because of my grandfather, who owned his own advertising business. So, I guess you could say it is in my blood. Going forward, I would like to either stay in advertising and marketing, or I would like to venture into publishing. During my summer at Intersection I would like to improve my writing and design skills as it applies to advertising while also adulting properly. In my free time I like to binge-watch Netflix.



Jake Turpin

Dog Lover // Potato // “YOLO” Enthusiast

I am passionate about involving myself deeper in the Muncie community. I am driven by making money, but I also hope to create lasting relationships with the people that I work with in Muncie. When looking into interning at Internsection, I was drawn to it by the work environment and its campaign for downtown development. One of my main goals in life is to have a Wikipedia page dedicated to myself. During my time at Internsection, I hope to strengthen my skills, build relationships, and make new friends that I can carry into my professional life. When I am not working, I like to relax by grabbing a drink with my friends in downtown Muncie.



Johna Walls

Typography Geek // Caffeine Addict // Color Enthusiast

I love to practice hand typography and use social media platforms to tell stories. I am excited to use my design skills to find solutions for clients that are both innovative and creative. I was attracted to Internsection because of the overall culture of the office and the people that work here. I would like to work as a designer at an advertising agency with a focus on digital design, including social media, web content, and marketing. While I am at Internsection, I would like to challenge myself creatively to become a better designer for the advertising industry and also explore further into social media planning and content creation. In my spare time, I love to explore new coffee shops and curate playlists on Spotify to capture any mood.



Cameron Toner

Photographer & Cinematographer // Playing Card Designer // Magic Man

I love to use my photography and videos to tell meaningful stories that bring people together and create change in the world. Creating relationships with people is what drives me and led me to this opportunity. The energetic, creative, and fun atmosphere of Internsection was a big draw for me to want to intern over the summer. Beyond this summer, I would like to gain more experience in my field, further my base of knowledge, and make new friends that inspire me. During my time at Internsection, I hope to create amazing content while developing my photography and cinematography skills. In my down time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and doing anything that comes along.



Drake Turner

Songwriter // Dedicated Learner // Sarcasm Savant

I am passionate about songwriting and performing live music for strangers and friends alike. I am motivated by the world I witness around me and try to use words to inspire people to create a better world. I was drawn to Internsection because I wanted to be involved with a company that would allow me to be creative while working closely with others to reach a client’s expectations. In the future, I'd like to create content for an advertising or marketing firm and continue my passion for songwriting. While at Internsection, I'd like to sharpen my skills as a copywriter and to learn new skills from the talented people around me. In my spare time, I enjoy having drinks and playing music with friends and skateboarding occasionally (my knees are not what they once were).


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